Planner Mania // Comparisons. MAMBI, Erin Condren, Webster’s Pages

So now that we are on our way to start breezing through 2017 I thought I’d do a post with a little run down of PLANNERS.

I tried the calendar app in my phone and just found it to be unappealing and it just didn’t function well for me. So I thought I would try my hand at buying a planner but I didn’t want just any planner; I wanted something cute and fun. So I did my research and spent a few months talking myself into buying an Erin Condren planner, because they are expensive if you don’t live the states. Then 2017 approached and I wanted to try something new so I bought a MAMBI planner. And then when I realized the appeal to having a work planner, and a personal planner I found Webster’s Pages on the Chapters website

(Now, if you live literally anywhere outside of the states you feel me when I talk about the joys of finding items previously only sold on American websites on a Canadian site, shipping from a Canadian location.) For you lucky American’s, below is what this feels like:


Now I’ll stop blabbing on and on and on and on and onnnnn and get into the comparison of the three planners!

First up:

Erin Condren Life Planner

So these babies run at $55 USD average, they’re coil bound, come with a pocket folder, and a few pages of stickers (both blank and pre-printed ones for things like game days, appointments and birthdays), features a zip-lock style pouch, and the covers are customizable and interchangeable. All in all, I believe with the exchange rate I paid about $110 CAD for just the planner (excessive, I know, and I’d never do it again), it shipped and arrived quick but there were also duty fees.


Customizable with names and small sentences


Comes with stickers

Pouch and folder

Big spaces to write and tons of note paper


Cover doesn’t feel very study (IMO)

Size (large)

Too many birthday stickers, not enough of the other ones

Cover wore out easily

Inside not customizable

American holidays (I know, American company, and I’ve learned to ignore them but this could be a nuisance to someone else)

MAMBI Happy Planner

This guy comes with interchangeable covers as well, though not customizable, it features discs instead of a spiral binding so you can add and remove things, you can purchase additional inserts as well.

So, after ordering this guy I realized you can actually buy them on Amazon.ca so… yeah… that would have been less aggressive on my wallet but hey, you live and you learn. I believe this one was about $80 with the exchange for the planner, a budget add-on and some snap in tabs. The planner shipped next day, arrived within a week and a half, and there were NO duties or taxes upon arrival.


Sturdy (I wasn’t expecting it to be sturdy at all with the disc bind system but dang)

Thick, but not too thick paper

Lots of space to write

Lot’s of add on’s for creativity

Customizable inside


Size (larger)

Very little note pages

No stickers or folders

Non-customizable cover

American holidays (I know, American company, and I’ve learned to ignore them but this could be a nuisance to someone else)

Webster’s Pages Personal Planner

Finally, this bad boy. He features a sophisticated look (PU/Faux leather wrapped 6 ring planner with a snap closure) with a pen holder, colorful dividers, some fun monthly thoughts, plans and ideas pages as well as the 12 month planner inserts and plenty of space for storing papers and stickers and stickys, as well as cards. Literally, your planner can be your wallet in this case (which I am all for because currently, my wallet is the pouch I got with a Sephora gift card)

As I said I purchased mine on Chapters, and I got him on sale for $30 CAD, but regular price they’re $50. Chapters has free shipping over ‘x’ amount, so you just pay taxes on top of the planner price and even to get to me in a rural area it only took four days to arrive.


Cute, more sophisticated looking

Doubles as a wallet

6 ring binder style so you can customize what you want in it

Cute dividers


Page marker



Size (fairly small, but personal preference as always)

Das it friends. That’s the only con I can think of and to me that’s not even a con.

And so this completes planner mania! In all honestly the Webster’s Pages planner is hands down my favorite and I already can’t wait to get a new one for 2018 (problem city, population: me)

Stay tuned for my next post which is a 2 part massive haul!!!


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