Top 5 VIB Sale Reccomendations

Alright, so I know given my last post doing this seems a little odd… but I was just pointing out the obvious in that post. Unfortunately, given how hard it is to buy makeup in Canada (especially if you live in a more rural, isolated community where your only real option short of driving 8 hours to the nearest city is to order online) Sephora basically has my business for life, or at least something like Ulta comes to Canada (I’m holding out hope)

So I’m outlining my top 5 picks (I know, only recommending 5 items is insane for me considering how much damage I actually did during this sale but that’s between you and I)

There’s still… today through Monday, or Sunday if you’re a Beauty Insider (I think it ends on the 23rd and 24th) to shop, so I hope maybe this gives you some ideas and happy shopping my loves!


The very first thing that I would recommend would be this Drunk Elephant set:

Drunk Elephant – The Littles

This has mini sizes of their moisturizers, day and night serums, an oil and two cleansing bars all for $100 CAD. Now, if you’re like me and you already own the LaLa Retro moisturizer, the B-Hydra intense moisturizer and have no interest in the cleansing bars these sets might be up your ally: DE – Nightbright set OR DE – rise + glow set

Now you see how I get around only giving 5 rec’s? You see what I did there? I know, I’m a genius.


Recommendation deux is Viseart palettes:

Viseart Eyeshadow Palette runs for $100 CAD, I ordered one and will be doing a full review once it arrives.

If you’re not into spending that kind of cash, discount or not, for a palette you’ve never tried before you can buy the Viseart Theory Palette which is 6 shades instead of 12 and it’s $60 CAD.

This is a good time to try brands like this, because I know my cheap ass wouldn’t be caught dead buying that $100 palette regular price no matter how good the shadows are.


Recommendation number three is some kind of cleansing device if you so choose to use one.

Personally, I recommend the Clarisonic but there’s also the Foreo

These are just ridiculously esspensive so now is really the time to buy them.


Numero four belongs to new brands.

During the sale, for myself at least, is when I like to try out new brands I’ve been eyeing. One of those brands for me was Milk Makeup, which finally launched in Canada last month.

I don’t have really a lot of ‘holy grail’ products, I can’t even remember the last time I even repurchased a product because I’m constantly wanting to try new things so I use the sale twice a year to do that.


And lastly… SETS.

This is the time to buy sets, in my opinion. It’s a better bang for your buck (as long as they’re not bitchy sized products, which sometimes they are) and really when was the last time you finished an entire lipstick tube? So why not buy a set of eight smaller sizes to try, you have a better chance of actually finishing it and you get to try out different shades and or products.


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